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Metal Sculptures


The artist with the strong sensations

December 1969

The first scene of my artistic powers has begun in the small traditional village Prastio Kellakiou when I was still very young and romance, tranquility and nature carried me away in a beautiful world. I have spent hours and hours in research and I was dominated by a great enthusiasm for all the inanimate things around me. I felt deep inside me that I wanted to touch them, recreate them, give them new shapes, combinations and strong sensations. 

But I was young and inexperienced and I didn’t have the nerve or the courage to make my dreams come true. My first contact with the different kinds of metals was realized during my studies in the TechnicalSchool. During that time I earned many praises. Thereafter I became involved to goldsmithery. My main concern was the elegance and refinement of the jewel but I also looked for my artistic completeness and for this reason I begun painting. The excellent and helpful guidance of Roger Georgiou, who is an artist and architect, has helped me to express and reveal my artistic powers through my paintings. I try to give new shape and style to the different materials I use creating always something innovating and special. 

During my artistic acme, I continued attending to several exhibitions and visiting archaeological museums in Cyprus and Greece and I studied artists from all eras. 

Even though I have participated to group exhibitions and I have successfully organized four personal ones, as an artist I feel that art has no limits of completion. So I decided to enrich my knowledge in the field of arts and for that reason I enrolled to a College in London and attended to Fine Arts. Some of my works have been presented in tv stations in Cyprus and abroad and articles have been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. I also have a Guinness record for the biggest lock in the world. 

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