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Projects which have been scheduled to be done in the COMMUNITY

(for the year 2008)

Within the village 

1) The House of the community next to the Church (repair of flaws from the previous maintenance)

2) A rainwater sewer which starts from the residence of Ermioni Demetriou and reaches the end of the road after the residence of Georgios Vlahos.

3) Lining of the road (tiles) starting from the residence of Ermioni Demetriou until the residence of Georgios Vlahos.

4)  Lining of the road (tiles) outside the residence of Marina Tryfonos

5) Lining with stones of the wall opposite the Palm Trees

6) Asphalt overlay at the centre of the Community, wherever it is extremely ruined.

7) A small stone-built fountain at ‘Mozora’s’

8) A wall at the bridge

9) Demolition and commencing of construction works for the Community Council’s new offices at the place bought for this purpose     


1)   Completion of a wall at the parking place 

Improvement of rural roads

2) Concrete and repair of the road at the location ‘Ammotades’

3) Repair of bridge at the location ‘Ammotades’ 


1) Beautification of the fountain based on an architectural plan which has been prepared for this reason. 

The aforementioned projects will be done based on a priority order, in the way they are recorded, until the funds of the budget have been completely depleted and under the condition that a) they are approved by the District Administration Technical Services and b) that they are approved by those directly involved. 

PS. The Community Council is ready to receive any views and/or suggestions about the way the projects will be carried out as well as for projects which must be done, so that they will be kept in mind in the future.

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