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Nicosia - Prasteio Kellakiou

To visit the picturesque village of Prastio Kellakiou, head towards Nicosia-Limassol highway and direct towards Limassol. You will pass the Municipality of Latsia, the Industrial Zone of Dhali, the villages of Pera Chorio-Nissou, Alambra and Kornos. After passing Kornos, follow a downhill road towards Kophinou. You will reach the villages of Skarinou, Choirokitia, Zygi, Moni. Take the exit for Parekklisia that stands at a distance of four kilometers. You will then reach Kellaki. The picturesque village of Prastio Kellakiou stands at a distance of one kilometer. There are helpful street signs along the way. 

You can also visit Prastio Kellakiou via neighboring villages. Specifically, follow the above-mentioned route until Choirokitia. Turn left and take the exit for Zygi; you will reach the villages of Kalavasos, Asgata, Vasa, Sanida and Kelaki. Prastio is located right after Kellaki. 

Both routes last 1 hour and twenty minutes.

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