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The village Prastio is built at about 27 kilometers northeast of the city of Limassol, in a hilly environment, at an average altitude of 490 meters; because of neighboring with the village of Kellaki it is also known as Prastio Kellakiou.  The uppermost mountaintops in the area of the village are "Kyparissia" (Cypresses, 692 meters) and "Koryfi B" (Top B, 687 meters). 

Prastio Kellakiou receives an average annual rainfall of about 550 millimeters; citrus (mainly tangerines and citrons), olive, almond, locust, and plum trees, very few vegetables and forage plants are cultivated in the area.  There are also several uncultivated areas that are ridden by wild natural vegetation.  A large part of the state forest of Limassol is within the administrative boundaries of the village.  Also within the administrative boundaries of the village is the mountain "Listovounos", known in all of Cyprus for its narrow, uphill road that leads to the communities of the area.  This road, apart from being uphill, also has quite a lot of steep and hazardous turns, which made it one of the most difficult roads in Cyprus.  Today there is one other -large -road that serves the villages of the area but "Listovounos" continues to carry its own distinct beauty and charm. Three quarters of the quarrying zone operating in the area are also within the administrative boundaries of the village.  These quarries are that of "Kosta Kithreoti", that of "Skiramon", and that of "Metcom".

As far as transportation is concerned, a road connects the village with Kellaki and -from that point on -to other villages of the region. 

The village has undergone large fluctuations of population.  In 1881 the inhabitants of the village numbered 154, increasing to 191 in 1891 but decreasing to 177 in 1901.  In 1911 they increased to 183 and in 1921 to 196.  In 1931 the inhabitants were reduced to 157 but increased to 221 in 1946, only to be reduced again to 195 in 1960.  In 1973 the inhabitants were reduced to 143 and in 1973 to 139.  In 1982 the inhabitants numbered 108, while the 2001 census indicated 98 inhabitants. 

The village is not mentioned by any sources of the Medieval era and was probably just a farm with a few inhabitants then.  The name of the village relates and refers to the Byzantine years. 

Some senior researchers claim that the name Prastio has its origins in the French, Medieval word "Prasti", which means field.  That is, it concerned the place-name of farms that belonged to some Feuds.  However, the name seems to be clearly Greek and -indeed -of the Byzantine years, having its origins in the word "proastion" (suburb), which means a settlement near the town ("pro tou asti"). 

During Medieval times, many small settlements in various parts of Cyprus were named Prastio, meaning mostly the small agricultural settlements near other larger settlements (feuds) to which they belonged.

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