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The Community Council of the community, in the context of its effort for improvement of the inhabitant's quality of life, has already completed -long ago -quite a few projects that serve the inhabitant's needs. 

The rural roads network is completed.

The Water Supply problem has been solved with the construction of a large tank at a very high point of the area so as to have the capability of supplying water to more regions. 

Also, the entire water supply network has been replaced.

A cultural centre and offices of the community council have been erected.

A new cemetery was made outside the village.

Several beautification projects have been done -among them the preservation of a traditional oil-mill.

With the aid of the emigrant's association of the community, we have proceeded with the beautification of the schoolyard by creating a paved area, a basketball court, and a playground. 

Among the scheduled projects are the construction of a covered playground, the grading of building plots that will be granted to young persons interested in settling in the community and the reforestation of a large area near the community.  Also, the operations for the reconditioning of the big church of "Panagia Eleousa", as well as the erection of a small chapel in the Foinikia region, are expected to begin soon.


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